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US Army experimenting with Driverless tactical Vehicles, Autonomous convoy and Manned –Unmanned Teaming to build Autonomy-Enabled Future Force


In  Oct 2017, Auburn University and the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) conducted a live demonstration of autonomous vehicle technology traveling across the border between the U.S. and Canada. Truck platooning links two or more trucks using vehicle-to-vehicle wireless communications technology and sensors that allow …

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Augmented Reality Systems Set to Revolutionize Battlefield Operations by drastically improving the situational awareness & decision-making


Many future military operations are expected to occur in urban environments. Delivering better situational awareness to the dismounted warfighter is extremely difficult in urban environments due to challenges like complex 3D environment, dynamic situation, loss of line-of-sight contact of team members and unambiguously referencing landmarks in the terrain. Currently maps …

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DARPA’s thrust in Artificial Intelligence for developing adaptive and intelligent military systems to implement US’s Third Offset Strategy


Machine Learning (ML) is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence which attempts to endow computers with the capacity of learning from data, so that explicit programming is not necessary to perform a task. ML algorithms allow computers to extract information and infer patterns from the record data so computers can learn from previous examples …

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Wideband high frequency communications provide net-centric, high-speed beyond line of sight communications in Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) battlefield environments


Whether in the field of battle, search-and-rescue or humanitarian aid efforts, the ability to share real-time, networked information between ground, sea and airborne forces is rapidly becoming the defining factor in a mission’s success. Russia and china have developed sophiticated Electronic warfare (EW) syatems through which they can jam satellite and …

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DARPA’s Colosseum, world-unique wireless testbed shall catalyze the advent of autonomous, intelligent, and collaborative radio technology

DARPA’s Colosseum

DARPA’s Colosseum, a next-generation electronic emulator of the invisible electromagnetic world has been opened to competitors vying for $3.75 million in prize money for the Agency’s three-year Spectrum Collaboration Challenge (SC2). Though it resides in a mere 30-foot by 20-foot server room on the campus of the Johns Hopkins University …

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Quantum Machine Learning promise exponential speedup of internet search, fraud detection, gaming, face detection, image tagging and brain mapping


Quantum computing and quantum information processing is expected to have immense impact by performing tasks too hard for even the most powerful conventional supercomputer and have a host of specific applications, from code-breaking and cyber security to medical diagnostics, big data analysis and logistics. Quantum computers could accelerate the discovery …

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China emerging as World leader in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence challenging US dominance while Baidu competes with Google


In March 206, Google’s AlphaGo scored a 4-1 victory over Korean Go master Lee Se-dol last year, marking a milestone in artificial intelligence. The winning computer program, created by researchers at Google DeepMind in London, used an artificial neural network that took advantage of what’s known as deep learning, a …

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