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Plant Nanobionics or ePlants aim to turn plants into sensors detecting explosives, warn of pollutants and environmental conditions such as drought


MIT engineers have created sensors that can be printed onto plant leaves and reveal when the plants are experiencing a water shortage. This kind of technology could not only save neglected houseplants but, more importantly, give farmers an early warning when their crops are in danger, says Michael Strano, the …

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New technologies being developed to detect and predict cognitive stress that can result in failure of military Missions


Soldiers often have to perform complex tasks in extreme conditions, sometimes approaching or exceeding the limits of their capabilities. Some of the missions the soldiers perform can take weeks, away from in difficult terrain like deserts and mountains which requires maintaining an incredibly high level of physical fitness. Around the …

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Quantum Biology taking first steps to lead to fundamentally new technologies, including bio-inspired sensors


Quantum biology refers to applications of quantum mechanics and theoretical chemistry to biological objects and problems. Over the past decade, growing evidence suggests that certain biological systems might employ quantum mechanics. In recent years progress in experimental technology has revealed that quantum phenomena are relevant for fundamental biological processes such …

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Researchers looking to fishes for designing Armor, ultra fast and stealthy Submarines and Underwater Robots


Biologically inspired engineering is a new scientific discipline that applies biological principles to develop new engineering solutions for medicine, industry,  environment and the military. The emergence of this new discipline unifies the life sciences with engineering and the physical sciences. Biologically inspired engineering involves exploration into the way that living …

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Ebola outbreak exposed the risk of pandemic and need for globally coordinated response, DARPA plans for Rapid Development of Medical Countermeasures


Bill and Melinda Gates have also warned in their recently released “Goalkeepers” report , disease – both infectious and chronic – is the biggest public health threat the world faces in the next decade. “you can be pretty hopeful there’ll be big progress” on chronic disease, we are still unprepared …

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Arrival of Mind Warfare technology, implantable neural devices to enhance and control Soldier’s vision, hearing and behaviour

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Researchers at the University of Zurich have identified the brain mechanism that governs decisions between honesty and self-interest. Using non-invasive brain stimulation, they could even increase honest behavior. The results of their research highlight a deliberation process between honesty and self-interest in the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (rDLPFC). Researchers at Stanford …

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Synthetic Biology is the core science for future Defence Technology, according to DARPA its largest investor


The European Commission defines synthetic biology as “the application of science, technology and engineering to facilitate and accelerate the design, manufacture and/or modification of genetic materials in living organisms.” It envisions the redesign of natural biological systems for greater efficiency, as well as create new organisms as well as molecules …

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