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Countries developing new concepts and technologies for Sixth-generation Fighter Aircrafts for Air superiority in future anti-access/area-denial environment


The United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Russia and China  are all in early planning stages for a so-called “sixth generation” of fighter jets. The jets won’t fly until the 2030s, but governments around the world are already exploring, a conceptualized class of fighter aircraft design more advanced than the …

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Innovations in swarm behaviors improve military force protection, firepower, precision effects, and ISR capabilities in urban operations


The United States military successfully launched what it’s calling “one of the world’s largest micro-drone swarms” in October. The Department of Defense, the Strategic Capabilities Office, partnering with Naval Air Systems Command, successfully demonstration consisted of 103 Perdix drones launched from three F/A-18 Super Hornets. The micro-drones demonstrated advanced swarm …

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USAF developing Long range, Low-Cost Stealthy Drone to conduct ISR and strike missions in anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) environments


Air Force has released a rendering of what appears to be its vision for concept under the Low Cost Attritable Aicraft Technology (LCAAT) banner. The Low Cost Attritable Aircraft Technology (LCAAT) Initiative is aimed at developing a low cost attritable aircraft design and manufacturing concept costing less than $3M (without …

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Russia, US and China implementing Supercavitation technologies to develop supersonic Submarines, Vessels, Torpedoes and Bullets


This phenomenon called supercavitation uses cavitation effects to create a bubble of gas inside a liquid large enough to encompass an object travelling through the liquid, greatly reducing the skin friction drag on the object and enabling achievement of very high speeds. Supercavitating vehicle travelling faster than a passenger jet …

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China graduating to major naval power with ultraquiet diesel and nuclear ballistic missile submarines with capability to strike Hawaii and Alaska


China’s newest nuclear attack sub, Type 094A, is based in an undersea submarine base at Yulin in Hainan, similar to that in Subic, complete with underground shelters. It has supreme stealth capability, just like the US Ohio-class SSBNs. The Type 094A is armed with a 12 JL-2A multiple-warhead nuclear missiles, with …

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China’s J-20 stealth fighter in fully operational military service, formidable, to advance China’s A2/AD strategy


CHINA’s made a significant step forward in its bid to equal — and eventually surpass — United States air superiority. According to Beijing’s state media, its first stealth fighter  J-20 is  now operational and “officially commissioned into military service.” This puts it in second place. Before now, only the United States …

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Many Countries are developing High Power electromagnetic Weapons fitted on Aircrafts, combat drones and missiles for speed-of-light, all weather attack on enemy electronic systems


Raytheon has won a three-year, $15 million contract to analyze high-power electromagnetic systems for the Air Force in an effort to determine how they can integrate with airborne platforms. The Air Force views high-power electromagnetics as a potential disruptor to adversaries’ electronic systems. HPES systems can send signals that shut down …

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