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Large growth in more electric aircraft (MEA) and All Electric Aircraft projected for reducing carbon emissions, enhancing energy efficiency and stealthy missions


Aviation accounts for 2% of global carbon emissions, with more than half of that contributed by international flights.International aviation produced more than 492 million tonnes of CO2 in 2014, making its output larger than that of the United Kingdom. And that figure is projected to skyrocket in the coming years, …

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DARPA seeks protection technologies against swarm of drones delivering weaponized explosives or hazardous materials


The militant organizations have started employing drones to further their terrorism. ISIS has deployed a variety of weaponized consumer drones in recent months, from off-the-shelf DJI Phantoms modified to carry grenades to larger surveillance drones reminiscent of the Russian Eleron-3SV. In October, a booby-trapped ISIS drone killed the Peshmerga fighters who shot …

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Autonomous take-off and Landing technologies to allow UAVs to operated in tactical battlefield and integrate into National Air Space


Unmanned aerial systems (UAS’s) and in particular intelligent, autonomous rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircraft have the potential to significantly impact modern society. A few examples of their utility include aerial surveying in difficult-to-access terrain, precision agriculture, package delivery, moviemaking, infrastructure inspection, fire fighting, search and rescue, etc. All these applications depend …

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US DOD’s developing swarming, autonomous UAVs to counter Anti-access /Area Denial environments


Most of the current inventory of Unmanned Aerial Systems is not well-matched against more technologically advanced enemies who present higher levels of threats, contested electromagnetic spectrum and re-locatable targets, according to DARPA. Drones, which currently are flown individually, “are operated by large crews,” “This is expensive and incompatible with an …

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Countries improving AWACS for detection and tracking of new threats and employing them in increasingly complex missions


Situational awareness of potential hostile targets and of friendly forces is considered to be a key component in obtaining and sustaining military superiority over adversaries.  Airborne Early warning and control (AWACS) aircraft provides a real-time picture of friendly, neutral, and hostile air and maritime activity under all kinds of weather …

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