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US Naval S&T Strategy for decisive warfighting advantage, in anti-access, area denial environment


China is developing ever-advancing anti-access, area denial capacity and capabilities, through deployment of long-range aircraft equipped with anti-ship cruise missiles, submarines, surface ships with long-range missiles, and land-based ballistic missiles, putting into risk, any carrier operating within 1,000 miles of the Chinese coast. It is also employing advanced integrated air …

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AJAX , the Future Armoured Fighting Vehicle for the British Army successfully completes the live firing tests

GDUK3038 AJAX postcards 5

Honeywell has been contracted to equip the British Army’s new Ajax armoured fighting vehicles with its navigation technology. The Talin inertial land navigation technology will enhance mission success in difficult terrain by providing users with a lightweight and highly accurate laser guidance system, Honeywell said in a statement. This navigation system …

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DARPA’s TUNA program shall provide fiber optical undersea Backup Network for contested environment


DARPA’s Tactical Undersea Network Architecture (TUNA) program recently completed its initial phase, successfully developing concepts and technologies aimed at restoring connectivity for U.S. forces when traditional tactical networks are knocked offline or otherwise unavailable. The program now enters the next phase, which calls for the demonstration of a prototype of …

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Large growth in more electric aircraft (MEA) and All Electric Aircraft projected for reducing carbon emissions, enhancing energy efficiency and stealthy missions


Aviation accounts for 2% of global carbon emissions, with more than half of that contributed by international flights.International aviation produced more than 492 million tonnes of CO2 in 2014, making its output larger than that of the United Kingdom. And that figure is projected to skyrocket in the coming years, …

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