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Militaries trying to accelerate the transfer of military technology to the civilian sector by promoting military-civilian integration


Many commercial technologies we use today can be traced to military from aircrafts to nuclear power, from semiconductors to computers. Duct tape was invented to protect ammunition cases from water during World War II. The internet grew out of a military research project. Navigation devices, such as Google Maps, rely on …

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large growth in Silicon photonics market driven by large data centers, Real time cloud-computing, big data analytics, Exascale supercomputers , Military and Aerospace


Silicon photonics has emerged as a disruptive technology to address data bottlenecks inside of systems and between computing components, enhancing power efficiency, improving response times and delivering faster insights from Big Data. Silicon photonics allows transfer of large volumes of data at very high speed between computer chips in servers, …

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The Power Electronics Industry Is Showing Steady Growth, Roadmap to address opportunities and challenges


The power electronics industry is a key part of the semiconductor history. According to the new market research report on the “Power Electronics Market by Material (Silicon, SiC, GaN, Sapphire), Device Type (Discrete, Module, and IC), Vertical (ICT, Consumer Electronics, Power, Industrial, Automotive, and Aerospace and Defense), and Geography – Global …

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Record growth in Global robotics industry, European Union occupies top position in the global automation race, China, the market for growth

During the last decade, the advent of robotics has phenomenally transformed the industrial sector in terms of manufacturing capability. They are traditionally used to carry out tasks that are complex, repetitive or hazardous to enhance productivity, quality and reduce operational costs for the manufacturers, according to Frost Perspectives. The global industrial …

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Big growth forecasted for Synthetic biology with applications in medical, energy, chemical, environmental, agriculture, and military


Synthetic biology, the design and construction of biological devices and systems, which had been at nascent stage recently has started entering the commercial market. Marked by extensive research and development activities, the global market for synthetic biology reached a valuation of US$1.7 bn in 2012, states a report by Transparency …

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UK MOD’s innovation initiative includes creating civil-military synergies, British DARPA and increasing research capacity and business innovation


In a major speech at the University of Oxford, the Defence Secretary announced the formation of a world class panel which will help challenge and drive the Ministry of Defence’s innovation agenda. The Panel will be charged with driving forward the MOD’s Innovation Initiative, which aims to encourage imagination, ingenuity and …

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