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Syria, became test bed for high-tech Russian weapons and leading to increased Russian arms sales and new arms race


In 2015, Russia’s arms exporters earned $14.5 billion — a 13% increase compared with 2014, President Vladimir Putin announced in July. In 2013, the figure was $10.3 billion, according to Rosoboronexport, a state-owned export monopoly.Russian-made weapons “proved their efficiency, reliability in the most diverse conditions,” Putin told a panel of …

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UK MOD’s vision of Future Operating Environment in 2035, future force and Capability development


Britain’s Ministry of Defense has released a new forecast of future world in 2035, in report, titled “Future Operating Environment 2035”. It describes the key institutional, cultural and physical characteristics, actors and their motivations, that are likely to shape the future operating environment. It identifies key implications to assess future …

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DOD needs a game plan: an institutional strategy for Directed Energy Weapon systems, says CNAS report


Directed-energy weapons are among a handful of maturing disruptive or asymmetric technologies that could confer game-changing technological advantages both as a superior defensive capability and as an effective electronic attack option. For operations in anti-access/area-denial environments, they could strengthen U.S. power projection assets and defend fixed-site installations and/or expeditionary forces …

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