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Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Battle Command System (IBCS) for countering sophisticated modern threats, approved for Foreign Military Sale to Poland


Militaries around the world are increasingly facing formidable strategic and threat environment in terms of complexity, lethality, range, sophistication and number of threats ranging from inter-continental ballistic missiles testing, and proliferation of cruise missile and UAV technology. There is also growing threat of sophisticated cyber and electronic warfare systems that can hack …

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Strategic relationship between Russia & China have expanded from energy, economic, technology to military and aerospace domains after sanctions


On May 14-15, China hosted the very first Belt Road Forum (BRF) in Beijing. 29 heads of state, including special guest Russian President Vladimir Putin, attended the forum. The BRF is a major milestone of the four-year long development of Beijing’s key foreign policy idea – the Belt Road Initiative (BRI). The …

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After launching first indigenous Aircraft carrier, China building Second with breakthrough electromagnetic launch system


China’s first aircraft carrier is in operation, the second and third indigenous  carriers are  currently under advanced stage of construction and fourth is in the planning phase. China has begun operating its first aircraft carrier —the refurbished, conventionally powered, Ukrainian built flattop Liaoning – with a full load displacement of almost …

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