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Curved image sensors for better resolution, and wide field of view cameras for cell phones to Miniature UAVs


Smartphone camera technology is growing in leaps and bounds in the past couple of years and continues to be a major point to differentiate their products.  More and more technologies are being incorporated including  larger sensors, better lenses, ultra-thin lens, optical image stabilization technologies, dual camera optical zoom technology that …

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Navies developing radical future submarine concepts and technologies from mind controlled, ultrafast, laser communications to launching UUVs and UAVs.


Germans were first to demonstrate the revolutionary capability of submarines in World War I, by both sinking enemy combatants and interdicting commerce. Modern Submarines have become one of the deadliest weapons which are hardest to detect, literally a pile of submerged nuclear weapons ready to unleash widespread destruction with single …

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Quantum Random Number Generator for IoT security and impenetrable encryption of military communications


Random numbers are important in many fields of scientific research and real-life applications, such as fundamental physical research, computer science and the lottery industry.  They also serve as foundation in many security applications including encryption, authentication, signing, key wrapping and other cryptographic applications. The weakness of  random number generators can …

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Growing demand, Strategic importance and scarcity of Rare Earth Elements is driving search for alternatives and mitigation strategies


REEs are a series of chemical elements found in the Earth’s crust that are essential components of many technologies, including electronics, computer and communication systems, transportation, health care, and national defense. Rare Earths Elements (REE) are incorporated into many sophisticated technologies with both commercial and defense applications including smartphones and …

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Intel and Australian teams realising vision of “Silicon core of Quantum Revolution after Microelectronics” with Government investment


A working quantum computer has the potential to transform the information economy and create the industries of the future, solving in hours or minutes problems that would take conventional computers – even supercomputers – centuries, and tackling otherwise intractable problems that even supercomputers could not solve. Applications include for software …

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