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US Military, the world’s largest polluter meeting ambitious renewable energy targets for energy security and reducing climate change

us military climate change consensus

The  senior military officials intend to “forge ahead under the new administration with a decade-long effort to convert its fuel-hungry operations to renewable power,” according to Reuter report. “We expect that it’s going to continue during the Trump administration,” said Lt. Col. Wayne Kinsel, head of the infrastructure unit of the Air …

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SK-US-Japan launch regional missile defense cooperation in response to North Korea’s threat, China and Russia slam the move


The United States military has announced that the THAAD anti-ballistic missile defense system in South Korea — designed to intercept incoming missiles from North Korea — is now officially operational. “U.S. Forces Korea confirms the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system is operational and has the ability to intercept North …

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Industry developing Innovative concepts and technologies for improved safety, aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, noise and emission control in future Aircrafts


Aviation Industry and Academia are developing Innovative concepts and technologies for future commercial Aircrafts.  Airbus has been testing many Innovative concepts and technologies towards its future Vision for ‘Smarter Skies’ through highly intelligent aircrafts and Eco innovation. Future-gazing by Airbus shows blueprints for radical aircraft interiors. Airbus engineers talk of morphing seats made …

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DARPA’s ACT program for speedier development RF phased array antennas for communications, radar, and electronic warfare (EW)

AI phased array 13 April 2014

U.S. military researchers in 2014, planned to spend more than $100 million, involve at least seven defense companies, and award at least nine separate contracts in a landmark project to speed development of electronic RF phased array antennas for communications, signals intelligence (SIGINT), radar, and electronic warfare (EW). Phased radio …

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Record growth in Global robotics industry, European Union occupies top position in the global automation race, China, the market for growth

During the last decade, the advent of robotics has phenomenally transformed the industrial sector in terms of manufacturing capability. They are traditionally used to carry out tasks that are complex, repetitive or hazardous to enhance productivity, quality and reduce operational costs for the manufacturers, according to Frost Perspectives. The global industrial …

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