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DARPA developing collaborative intelligent Wireless Networks and Adaptive Radios to cooperatively share or dominate increasingly congested spectrum


Ongoing wireless revolution is fueling a voracious demand for access to the radio frequency (RF) spectrum around the world.  In the civilian sector, consumer devices from smartphones to wearable fitness recorders to smart kitchen appliances are competing for bandwidth. Around 50 billion wireless devices are projected to be vying for …

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Deep Sea Internet or Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT) to connect the underwater world of sensors, Unmanned Underwater Vehicles, ships and submarines


The Internet-of-Things is an emerging revolution in the ICT sector under which there is shift from an “Internet used for interconnecting end-user devices” to an “Internet used for interconnecting physical objects that communicate with each other and/or with humans in order to offer a given service”. The increasing miniaturization of electronics …

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Countries are testing Visible light Communications or LiFi for, Internet of Things, Vehicular networks, 5G mobile and Underwater networks

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This  next-generation network shall provide  fast Internet for everyone, smart cities, driverless cars, critical health care, “internet of things” revolution, and reliable and secure communications for critical infrastructures and services. The wireless-fidelity (Wi-Fi)  with maximum  speed of 150 Mbps, according to standards of 1EEE 802.11n, is not sufficient to fulfill …

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New class of Electronics: Biodegradable, Reconfigurable, Transient, Self Destructing for Security and Biomedical applications


Consumer electronics constitute a rapidly increasing source of waste. Cell phones, tablets and the like are typically made of non-renewable, non-biodegradable, partly environmentally toxic materials. A report from United Nations University (UNU) found that the world produced 41.8 million metric tons of e-waste in 2014 – an amount that would …

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